Collaborators are vital at our Foundation; They help us develop different marketing activities, find allies and partners, coordinate different activities and events, support tutors and students, among other things.


who are we looking for?

Volunteers who want to help us coordinate the main activities of our program, which may include one or more of the following functions:

  • Coordinate the pairing of tutors and new students, ensuring that groups are balanced.

  • Coordinate the scheduling and successful development of online events.

  • Support the selection and training processes for tutors and new students.

  • Support the management of social networks and external communications

  • Support the search for external opportunities for students (scholarships, exchanges, etc.)

  • Helps us find partnerships and corporate donors.

You will have a high degree of autonomy and decision-making power in this opportunity, as well as the freedom to suggest new tools / strategies. You will also work hand in hand with a large group of students and volunteers, which will give you a unique opportunity to strengthen your skills as a leader.


which skills do i need?

  • In general, you only need to be able to make use of Office tools - Google (Word, Excel, etc.) and have the ability to feel at ease when speaking with people.

  • It would also be desirable if you spoke some basic Spanish (although not mandatory). We currently have people helping us who only speak English.

  • For more specific functions (marketing and sales, for example) special skills will be required. These will be shared with you as soon as we receive your application.

keep in mind

  • Your participation as a collaborator will be VOLUNTARY, therefore it does not imply any type of employment relationship or generate any type of remuneration (including economic).

  • The time commitment per week will depend entirely on you and how many and which functions you want to take on. However, expect to spend at least 2 hours per week on this opportunity.

meet our collaborators

Meet Courtney, one of our Voluntary Collaborators, who is working in the UX design team and is helping us create an awesome tutoring app for all of our students


next step

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