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what do we do?

In our social program, youngsters of remote areas or with limited economic resources in Colombia receive free online English tutoring for 1 year.

We're already more than 90+ students in Colombia and 60+ voluntary Tutors and Collaborators around the globe. Come join us 😊

our students

Danilo is one of our students; he has improved his English level a lot since he started practicing with us 🤓

our tutors

Juan is one of our tutors. He contributes with some of his time to help teenagers of rural areas in Colombia have better opportunities in life. He rocks! 👏

With 90 minutes per week, you can help to change the life of many youngsters in Colombia

Do have 90 free minutes per week and an advanced English level (B2+, C1, C2)? Click here 👇

our collaborators

You can also contribute by helping us coordinate different activities and events at the Foundation.

Time dedication per week is really low, you can help entirely online and you will have the chance of leading many processes, learn a lot and meet amazing people.

Why are we doing this?

Teenagers of rural areas in Colombia have been very affected by the pandemic; education before was not good, but now they only receive some booklets that they have to fill out and then send back to the school. This is no way of learning a new language, especially such an important one as English.

Once young people from rural areas graduate from high school, it is very difficult for them to find further education or job opportunities, as they have to compete with people of urban areas, where there are more resources and education is usually better.

We've seen that once they start learning English, these youngsters' life changes dramatically; they have access to more online resources, and they contribute to improving the conditions of their relatives and friends in their communities.

who are we?

We are a group of people who have had the chance of learning English and see in it, a way of changing a person's life. We do this on a VOLUNTARY basis and with the sole goal of improving young people's conditions in vulnerable areas of Colombia.