The Players

What is ACTRA / NACRA (

ACTRA (now NACRA), the Arizona Cyber Threat Response Alliance, is a 501c3 organization formed to solve a vexing issue with the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Infragard program. namely to make the Infragard program more useful and viable to private industry while simultaneously enhancing the program itself. This was done with a great deal of early input from the founders of the Arizona Cyber Warfare Range, It worked and an early "partnership" by mutual memorandum of understanding to enable ACTRA / NACRA to support the AZCWR and likewise the AZCWR to reciprocate,

What is The Arizona Cyber Warfare Range?

A privately funded 501c3 organization to develop competent workforce of cyber security talent, gather intelligence from attackers against the range itself, and to change the cyber security industry culturally and in it competency.

The AZCWR is a recognized leader advancing cyber security skills, talent, and technologies. It's impact in Arizona has been significant to the economy itself, Arizona's workforce, local companies, many lives of Arizonans.

A mysterious Arizona university based in the Phoenix area

It would seem that a university really wants to acquire some new property. It's president has sworn he will posses the facility where AZ01 is located. We have heard this university has failed at starting their own cyber warfare range before. Apparently they are friends with Frank, and under the ACTRA banner are colluding to simply borg AZ01 into their own offering. That might be a great reason to lockout the AZCWR team. Maybe to run out the clock on the lease and hold the equipment hostage. The AZCWR has effectively neutralized this player's efforts to perform a hostile takeover.

The City of Mesa

After the successful defeat of the mysterious university's attempt to take over AZLabs, elements within the City of Mesa were out for revenge. The Mesa taxpayers were saved from significant financial losses when the sweetheart takeover was stopped. The loss of the AZLabs facility would have forced the companies there to leave the facility, end continued investment, and given the mysterious university a huge payout. The elements within Mesa's city government are likely taking the plans to the next level. Punishing those who blocked the deal, and biding their time until they can attempt the transfer of AZLabs deal again.