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As of May 4th, 2020, the Cyber Warfare Range is ending its silence to the media regarding all matters on this web site, We are happy to answer questions, appear on shows / segments covering this set of injustices, and will meet with your editorial staff as requested. We are people who keep secrets. However, this travesty has gone on too long. Please send all inquiries / requests to

Social Media

  • Ask Governor Ducey why the chairman of his Cyber Action Team was allowed shut down the AZCWR Eastside (AZ01) location Twitter: @dougducey Facebook: link Instagram: link LinkedIn: link
  • Ask the Mesa city attorney, Jim Smith, why he ordered the continued lockout and how he justifies his actions legally.
  • Advocate for the Arizona Cyber Warfare Range via your accounts with the hash tag #FreetheRange
  • Share links to this web site:
  • Ask what other interests are involved?

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