never forget 

We have moved on. In fact,we are now operating in five (5) states. However, we always want to remember the treachery and villainy of certain bad actors here in Arizona. This site serves as one of the ways we remember.

On May 3rd, 2018. ACTRA (now NACRA), specifically, Frank Grimmelman ordered the shut down of our originally designated AZ01, the second location of our original cyber warfare range. This was possible due to a mechanism ironically put in place by the AZCWR to ensure the AZ01 facility could never be shut down. Frank and ACTRA/NACRA betrayed us, conspired with the City of Mesa to steal our gear, and try to ruin our non-profit.

This web site was built to provide explanations and a record of what was done.

ACTRA / NACRA / frank, did everything he could think of to destroy us.

Now he is trying to replace us.

Yet here we are.

Even though we severed all agreements with ACTRA / NACRA, the damages have been done. Time has proven the City of Mesa lied to us. Our equipment remains stolen. All thanks to Frank's treachery and the corruption of the City of Mesa and its officials.