Sponsor Letter

Dear Friends of the Fox River Bandits Baseball Club,

It all starts with you! Our select baseball program allows young kids to participate in an organized sport during the Spring, Summer, and sometimes Fall every year. This gives our young kids the opportunity to learn discipline and teamwork required to develop into strong contributing members of our community. The Fox River Bandits provides our young kids an avenue to become a healthier child, both mentally and physically.

The Fox River Bandits Baseball Club is a non-profit organization made up of local volunteers dedicated to building character, courage, and loyalty in young kids by providing a fun, safe, and competitive select baseball program.

Fundraising accounts for a large portion of the revenue needed to pay for equipment, field maintenance, improvements, and operating costs. All of our coaches are volunteers and receive no compensation.

Without contributions from our community, this organization could not endure. Your contribution will help our program continue to thrive and provide opportunities for our children.

Benefits of Sponsorship

Here are a few benefits of becoming a sponsor of the Fox River Bandits Baseball Club:

A welcomed form of advertising.

In most settings, consumers are inclined to tune out advertising. Although many traditional ways of reaching consumers are failing, youth sports sponsorships are a positive and engaging way to market a brand. Parents like to see companies such as yours supporting local non-profit baseball clubs and sports.

Increase awareness of the company’s products and services.

Each sponsorship package has benefits for the sponsor built-in field signage, website advertising, company name on team banner, etc. Through a sponsorship, a company’s brand will be in front of the youth sports market.

Build goodwill with the community

Your sponsorship to our non-profit baseball club will make a positive contribution to the community. Overall this could evoke a community-wide feeling that your company understands the impact and importance of sports for the local youth. This feeling can instill loyalty among a business’ current and future patrons.

Your contribution directly impacts us and you.

Player membership fees cover the majority of the costs of our teams but support from sponsors like you provides additional resources which can help keep membership fees low. With lower fees, more families are able to afford to play and that means more children being able to receive the many benefits of competitive baseball.

Sponsorship Levels

Sponsorship Levels

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MVP Sponsors --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Waterstone Mortgage

Train Your Instinct

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Burlington Air Center

Musson Brothers

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