The Fox River Bandits Baseball Club, started in 2014, exists to develop youth baseball players in the fundamentals of the game. The focus is to help youth players grow and develop skills while contending against top quality competition utilizing the best possible coaching to make sure that correct fundamental baseball is being taught and played.

We are not an academy and do not provide a year-round baseball experience. We support youth development in multiple sports in order to increase their versatility as they approach high school.

Our goal at the end of the day is to provide a fun and competitive baseball experience and help to prepare the athlete to learn to love the game, the lessons it provides life, play the game for as long as they want to, and prepare them to compete for and earn a spot at the high school level. Our focus is on competing. Win or lose.

If you are looking for an academy experience, we highly encourage you to consider our partner STiKS Baseball Academy in Waukesha.

Our Organizational Pillars

This is who we are and what we expect from our athletes.