Parent Code of Conduct

I support my child’s commitment to becoming a Fox River Bandits Baseball Club member. My family is an extension of our baseball family. As a result, I understand I am expected to do my best to commit to the organization’s code of conduct, team rules, and league regulations.

1. I commit to ensuring my child arrives at games and practices on time. This means often arriving 10-60 minutes early, so my child has enough time to get situated before joining our practice or pre-game preparations.

2. I will be sure that my child is adequately rested, equipped, sun-protected, hydrated and fueled for practices and games. This includes proper uniforms, including a protective cup, gloves, helmet, bags, healthy fluids and meals (before and in between). This includes NO SWIMMING on game days until all games for that day are completed.

3. I will show respect for the umpires. They are human and will often make the wrong call, but the umpire’s job is not easy. Voicing my displeasure will not improve the situation.

4. I will stay away from the dugout and behind home plate during games and allow coaches to coach. While this is not easy, I know that providing potentially conflicting messages during a game can confuse my child. My presence at the dugout may negatively affect his ability to focus.

5. I will be a role model for my child regarding good sportsmanship, teamwork, and self-worth. These things start with the adults, and the players will behave accordingly. We will take pride in how we carry ourselves and treat others.

6. I am responsible for the behavior of all family members at games and practices. Others may attend games to cheer on my child, and I must ensure they also handle themselves according to these rules.

7. I will provide encouragement and support for my child. My child needs to hear my positive encouragement throughout the game.

8. I will provide encouragement and support for all players on the team. As a team, it’s essential to offer my child’s teammates the same support. This also applies to the ride home and conversations at home. We’re in this together!

9. I will respect the opposing team, coaches, and fans. They are the same as us in many ways, but they wear different uniforms. Appreciation for their performance and respect for their abilities will contribute to a positive game environment.

10. I understand that winning is vital to the team, but the primary objective is promoting an environment of growth and learning. They will win. They will lose. They will make mistakes. One of the most important things will be what they learn from success and failure.

11. I will learn the team values and reinforce them with my child. I will read through those expectations with my child and serve as a reminder when they aren’t being met.

12. I will support the coach’s message. While I will not agree with the coach always, I also understand that contradicting the coach’s message is counterproductive.

13. I will help my child embrace his role, no matter what it is. I may disagree with where my child hits or plays in the field, but I must help my child embrace and master that role for the best possible experience. I will encourage my child to speak directly with the coach to learn how they can improve and develop.

14. I will help nurture a positive environment on and off the field. I will do my best to keep a positive tone as I realize my reactions impact the team. I will encourage my child to execute practice reps in between games and practices and will (if possible) play catch with my child.

15. I will refrain from public complaints about coaching and other players with parents. While I will not always agree with how the team is being coached, I know these reactions do not help.

16. I will schedule a time with the coach to calmly and constructively discuss lineup and playing time concerns rather than immediately before or after a practice or game. Instead of complaining publicly, I will be part of the solution by scheduling a private time to discuss my concerns. I will wait 36 hours before contacting the coach.

17. I will offer my help as a volunteer to leverage my skills where possible. This team’s and organization’s success is run on volunteers’ contributions, and I want to contribute whatever I can to help.

18. I will respect the coaches’ challenges and their time commitment. I know that coaching isn’t easy. It’s a significant contribution of time and energy, often with the side effect of stress.

19. I will make payments for team fees as scheduled. The team is not a bank, and membership fee payments are due on a scheduled basis for tournaments, uniform items, practice facilities and more.

20. I will not consume alcohol at game or tournament sites while games are in progress. Alcohol consumption, moderate or excessive, can lead to impaired judgment, unwanted attention, and regretful behaviors. Violating this rule may result in parental dismissal from games and potentially removing the athlete from their team.

All of these rules can usually be adhered to with common sense and respect for the game of baseball.