About FSW

We are a family owned winery that grows, creates and sells our wines all in the same spot. Our wines are not available in any store!

We offer tastings and tours on the weekend, from 12 to 5 p.m.

We have a variety of wines such as Malbec, Shiraz, Cabernet, American Red (a blend),

Tempranillo, Gewurtztraminer, and our famous Madre D'eira (port wine).

The winemaker & his wife

The Winery is run by Desiree and Franklin Simon.

Their children Dustin and Jackie, and Jackie's husband Dave all assist with the vineyard and winery when possible.

One of our biggest attractions is Harvest!

We invite family members, friends and volunteers during two weekends in the month of September to experience what it is like to make wine. Fort Selden Winery Harvest is a fun family event where you can learn to pick grapes that will be used to make wine. See "Harvest" for more info about this exclusive opportunity at Fort Selden Winery.

The whole family (from left to right):

Jackie, Dave, Desiree, Franklin and Dustin

The back vines as seen from the tasting room

Malbec grapes ready for harvesting!