I thank you for supporting your child and their interest in playing a musical instrument at our school! Participation in band has incredible benefits, both academically and socially, but most importantly, it teaches children to make meaningful music with each other.

Participation in band has many academic benefits and is your child’s passport to being a part of after-school concerts, parades, assemblies, field trips, and more!

Music can be a lifelong endeavor, and your child is starting on a journey that can be frustrating, but ultimately rewarding for them. Encourage them to practice regularly and above all, to be patient with themselves and their progress!

First and foremost, your child will need a band instrument to participate (please read the GETTING AN INSTRUMENT page for more details). For some instruments, they will also need some instrument accessories (such as reeds for clarinets and saxophones). They will also need a band method book for their own instrument. At Ford, we use the book titled “ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS” as our text. That book is available online and at local music stores in the area.

Before starting band this year, your child needs to understand that it is a full year class, and that participation in after school concerts is expected (in fact, is the most fun part of band!). Students will also need a time and place to regularly practice their instrument after school.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I am here to help your child start the school year right and enjoy the journey of learning a musical instrument!

Ford Middle School Band Director:

Daniel Kexel, N.B.C.T.