FOMP At a Glance is a precursor website to our yet to be released megasite. So far we have websites documenting 2019 and 2020.  We still have five more websites to go, as well as the release of the megasite. 

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Pictures and links below tell a small story of the history of our group. We are still writing and publishing

2024 appreciation awards from both Mandan Park Neighborhood Association and Friends of Mandan Park and Mount Vernon Gardens to members and volunteers succeeding in removing 98% of the trash in the two parks over the last 6 years. We would like to thank Keep Omaha Beautiful for their constant support over the years! 

 Friends of Mandan Park & Mt Vernon Gardens at a glance

We love our parks and the way they have provided for our neighborhood community for generations. The views from the lookouts and several of the bluffs are quite beautiful especially during sunrise. We have a dense forest with a multitude of animals and its own little ecosystem that we are trying to preserve. 

  Jacky and Steve formed a group in 2018 called KOB Friends of Mandan Park and Mount Vernon Gardens. Jacky adopted both parks through Keep Omaha Beautiful.  FOMP has removed about 20 tons of material in an attempt to restore these historic parks to their former beauty and encourage the city to maintain them properly. Our group has even repaired potholes. Click here to video about our first clean up

Click here to see YouTube video of fish and ducks

Link to Earth day Facebook post with ducks and fish jumping

We have created sustainable earth friendly projects like Project X.

Link to Project X below, which involved removing approximately 2 acres of honeysuckle feeding the Henry Doorly Zoo elephants, giraffes, rhinos and orangutans…. This also opened visibility and reduced illegal activity…. At no cost to the city and requiring no chemicals.

Click any blue or use link to Project X below

Mandan Park and Mount Vernon Gardens are neighborhood parks used primarily  by hard-working people for simple things like birthday and graduation celebrations, family walks and weddings. Mandan Park was considered a premier family friendly park in 2014… Click here to read article

 A maintained road is essential for public safety and crime prevention. With our growing elderly population, we believe that there should be considerations made for this group and we see none. Jacky and I often enjoyed the park by driving through. Sometimes we would see fox. Click here to watch YouTube fox video

YouTube video showing Gifford  Park Drive that so many of us and our neighborhood have enjoyed for generations. Click here to watch winter drive

 Putting up a gate at both ends alienates our aging population, who would benefit immensely from the exercise, natural beauty  and opportunity to be up close to nature.  Parks are not just enjoyed by certain segments of a population.   They exist to provide numerous benefits to everyone. Link to mini website detailing information about elderly population in our areaClick here to see Not Planning Ahead

FOMP created a website called SAFESAFE ACCESS FOR EVERYONE  We've included:

link to a website showing how to make the park SAFE ...low to no cost solutions and ways to preserve and save our park. Click any of the blue text above to see more about SAFE. 

Another example of our dedication to solving our neighborhood problems, is teaming up with the Mandan Park Neighborhood Association, who is holding its second year of neighborhood cleanups with the city. Click here to read facebook story

2019 FOMP documentation site typical clean ups and a few group clean ups

Click here to see 2019 FOMP Clean ups

2020 FOMP documentation site  typical of what we've removed each of the last 3 years

Click here to see 2020 FOMP Clean ups

You Tube video showing progress during COVID in 2020. Click here to watch

Altogether our group pulled out seven hundred plus tires, countless couches and mattresses, and two hundred plus bags of trash each year.  Link to mini website detailing one of the many tire removal projects. Click here to see more about the 2020 tire removals

Below are links to our YouTube channel and two playlists … we'll be posting videos regularly ... recordings are to be embedded in our mega website that is still under construction.

YouTube channel



Click here to watch "Taking back Mandan Park"  playlist

Park Trails playlist

Click here to watch "Park Trails"  playlist

We have had several interviews...below are links to a few

First interview Channel 6 interview 

Group fighting illegal dumping in southeast Omaha park

Channel 7 News

Volunteers, nonprofits team up to clean up Mandan Park KETV Omaha


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Thank you for taking time to look at this information. We encourage you to share the links and information with anyone interested in neighborhood safety, conservation, climate change or pollution , micro environments, maintaining green spaces, etc.  Pictures are the property of Friends of Mandan Park & Mt Vernon Gardens and permission to use them must be obtained. Please remember to like and follow us everywhere. We will be updating and publishing content continuously.

Stephen Bolgar

Co-founder and President

Friends of Mandan Park and Mt Vernon Gardens

Co-founder and President

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