Arthur in 2022-2023

Arthur in 2021-2022


First, we chose our drivetrain. We decided to build a GoBilda drivetrain with mechanum wheels.

After that, we built our launching mechanism. For the intake, we used green wheels that suck the rings onto a ramp. Then, the wheels move through the ramp, and get launched by wheels moving at high speed. The speed will vary depending on what height we want the rings to get to (High goal or Power shots). 

First we built the Launching Mechanism:



Then, we built the Intake Mechanism...

We also built a side arm, for picking up and dropping the wobble goal. We use a regular motor to move this arm, and servo motors to clamp around the wobble goal.

We think that our robot turned out pretty well! There are a few improvements we can make, but it performs all the tasks it is supposed to, and we are all really proud of the work we've put into it.

This is our control award submission for the 2021-2022 season. It highlights our Robot's control algorithms.