Learning and Lessons 


This page is focussed on TMG Extension to SPL. For NPPL SLMG see 'NPPL page' 

The theoretical knowledge requirement is detailed in the BGA Course Programme (part 3A) SPL Bronze knowledge is an assumed starting point. Students should assume that acquiring the theoretical knowledge is their personal responsibility.

 The Flying Training elements see Part 3B of the BGA course programme. Below is a document that aims to give a sense of what the first firsts may consist of.

This page points you to miscellaneous resources which may be useful.

See also separate pages  Navigation  Navex

Theoretical Knowledge

The Air Pilot Manual Volume 1 Flying Training [pictured left] is a good place to start as it describes each of the flying exercises. Text books and other materials are available from Transair or Pooleys who have a shop in Cranfield. 

If you work best with one-to-one support I have heard good reports about the instruction offered by Kevin O'Neill; text him on 07788 773784.   

Apps are also popular, you could try Air Quizz,  PPL Tutor or PPL Confuser

Flying Training

Typical early flight profiles

Pattern of activity and checks for a local flight v1 

Most of the flying time will be spent of DR navigation - see resources at these pages: Navigation  Navex

As a supplement to your study you may like to view some of my presentations and documents below


Effects of controls


Turning onto a heading

Forced landing and EFATO