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Flow Screen Component

Navigation Button (LIGHTNING ONLY)

This is a standard button that can, when put on a flow screen and clicked, carry out several useful flow behaviors.

NOTE: This component uses force events technology that only runs in true Lightning Experience. It will not run in:

  • Classic mode, even if you use the Flow Lightning Runtime
  • the run and debug buttons in the Flows Setup screen (even if you are otherwise in Lightning Experience! This is because the Setup screen is still in Classic mode, as you can see if you look at how it renders buttons.
  • Flows executed from Custom Buttons (Classic javascript-style buttons)

Watch the Upgrade Video showing how you can find out whether the button was clicked.

12/3/18 Update: Each attribute is now preceded by a B1_ or B2 for the first or second (optional) button.

Start by setting Target Type to either "url", "record", or "standard". Standard will cause a standard transition to next, previous or finish in the flow. Record will go to the place specified in the Target RecordId field, and url will go to the place specified in Target Destination.

If you use standard, set NavigationType to "next", "finish", or "back"

You can also set the button label.

If you want to know, later in the flow, whether the button was clicked or not, add the Button Clicked? attribute to your Output tab, and map it to Variable of type Boolean. You can then check the value at any time. This is described in this demo video.

Remember: if you try to test this by running it from the Setup page or the debugger or the Cloud Flow Designer it will fail because of a problem that is scheduled to be fixed in Summer '19. To test it or run it, add a Flow component to a lightning page and set the Flow component to run this Flow (don't forget to activate the flow first!).