Welcome to the Florida Rivers Lab

Research Overview

In the Florida Rivers Lab we assess how freshwater and estuarine ecosystems respond to modifications in freshwater discharge from rivers and springs. Most of our work is done in cooperation with state, federal, and tribal resource management agencies throughout the US. In our lab we use a combination of field observations, small and large-scale experimental manipulations, and mathematical modeling to help inform management decisions and assess ecosystem responses. Some of our study systems include large rivers in both the eastern and western US such as the Apalachicola and Colorado rivers as well as river influenced estuaries like Suwannee River Sound in the eastern Gulf of Mexico.


See Google Scholar for our recent papers on camera trap methods, oyster population assessment, and Gulf Sturgeon population recovery!

We have an opening for part-time help with a variety of data management and visualization projects. Click here!

"3 Natives of the Colorado River" Sketch from Jessie Pierson