Grading is usually made during training courses by the technical executives or club instructors depending on the level of grading.

KDS, like most other styles, has a series of grades to differentiate between relative levels of ability. The belt color system we use is as below:

White (Novice): All beginners start at this level

Red (6th Kyu) (NO LONGER IN USE)

Yellow (5th Kyu)

Orange (4th Kyu) (NO LONGER IN USE)

Green (3rd Kyu)

Blue (2nd Kyu) (NO LONGER IN USE)

Brown (1st Kyu)

Black (1st Dan - 5th Dan)

The 5th Dan is the highest grade in KDS. Gichin Funakoshi, the founder of modern Karate in Japan, held the level of 5th Dan and awarded that grade to Sensei Harada and he has never accepted any higher grade (which they have tried to give but Sensei Harada denied it). That is why we in KDS do not believe that there is any need to go beyond this level.


New beginners normally will be assessed for their first grading (yellow belt) after4-6 months.

Kyu gradings are done at courses which are on the KDS Calendar, either KDS Regional or National Courses. Some exceptions might come into question on the lower Kyu grades and the grading is then done by the club instructor. For brown and black belts there must be a minimum two of members of the Technical Executive present.

Students should speak to the senior instructor at their club for more details about gradings and their eligibility to grade.