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Finland Karate-Do Shotokai is the overhead organisation for the KDS clubs in Finland. All members of FKDS practise and teach Karate-Do according to the guidelines from Sensei Mitsusuke Harada. The style is open for everybody that has a genuine interest in Karate. FKDS has as a goal to improve the technical level of karate and to improve the members' individual development in karate. The practical supervision of the technical level, development and grading of individual members is done by the Finnish technical executive group (See Technical Executive group.) FKDS was founded in 1998 by Finnish KDS clubs.

FKDS supervises the training courses that are organised by the Finnish clubs; courses are organised somewhere between six to ten times a year. These courses are frequently visited by KDS practitioners from abroad. Finland KDS cooperates closely with Estonia KDS (Eesti Karate Do Shotokai).


The Chrysantem logo and the KDS abbreviation are registrated trademarks (™) for Sensei Mitsusuke Harada's KDS organisation.


Are you thinking about practising Karate? Come and have a go at it with us! With Karate you will easily improve your fitness, balance, strength and flexibility while having a good time!

KDS Karate teaches us to have a relaxed body and lets us use muscles effectively in both offensive and defensive techniques. If you are interested in learning a martial art or if you want to get in shape you will enjoy practising and developing yourself together with us!

Girl or boy, Young or Old, all are warmly welcome! No previous experience is required and our practice is suitable for everybody! Are you interested? On these pages you will find more information concerning all KDS clubs in Finland and about Finland KDS!


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