Trustablee FAQ


Is my data secure?

Yes, we have a no seeing, no tampering, no messing with users' data policy. That means we don't even see anything.

We also do not sell your data, ever.

Our team will first ask for written permission before accessing your reports should you have any questions regarding the report.


I cannot uninstall the app

You can uninstall the app easily, and very quickly by launching the app and pressing the "Uninstall" button located at the top right corner.


Why are you not replying to my emails?

We reply everyone within 24 hours even on weekends, non office hours, as well as holidays. We take "caring for our community" very seriously.

There are certain cases where your email may not have reached us. Or, inversely, our replies may not have reached you. This typically happens when the emails are sent to junk/spam rather than the active inbox. Another common issue is when you typo our email. Our support inbox is

Our email server is securely powered and hosted by Gmail. The rules that decide which emails end up in junk/spam is up to Google's algorithm and we cannot control this.

As a matter of company policy, we ask everyone on our team to not open the junk/spam folder because it contains thousands of emails that contain malicious links. These links, when clicked on, can affect our working machines and may pose a risk to user data. We take security seriously and hence to mitigate that possibility, we have an internal policy of not opening our junk/spam folders at all. This security practice is not uncommon and is also a way for us to extend protection to all our users (you) at large.

If you have emailed us and did not hear back from us, check if you got the right email. If there are no typos, then kindly email us with another email of yours referencing your original email account so we may look for it in our spam very cautiously.


Can I remove that annoying notification / hide the app?

Android: We are required by Android to show that notification all the time. But the user (you) can hide it! :) Swipe right on the notification, then go into the settings and hide it.

Browser Extension: Right click on the app icon and press "Hide in menu".

That's it, you're all set! :)


I found a loophole, what do I do?

Email us directly at! :)

If this is a new loophole that we have not heard of, then we would be happy to share some sweet promo codes with you for free months!

Please do not post anything on the public Play Store Review section as that may cause other people who do not know of the loophole yet to stumble.

And you don't want to be stumbling block now do you? :)


Can you block porn sites instead of just accountability?

Use Detoxify or Purity Browser if you wish to use a blocker in tandem with accountability.

Download Detoxify, Google Play's #1 Rated Porn Blocker -->

Download Purity Browser, the world's first visualess safe browser -->


How much does it cost? Is it free?

The app comes with a 3-day free trial. During this time, no credit card is needed.

After that, a subscription is required. See below for our pricing.




Will I be charged automatically every month/year?

Yes, you will be charged automatically every month or year if you upgraded after your free trial. Think of it like a Netflix or Spotify subscription.

You can cancel anytime here


Can I pay with Paypal or Google Pay?

We do not accept payments over Paypal or Google Pay. This is partly due to their hefty fees.

We use Stripe, which is the world's most popular online payment gateway for software businesses.

They process everything, so we don't have to. We don't even see your credit card details, it's all processed by Stripe securely and safely

Stripe is used by many big brands like Spotify, Uber, and Target.

Read more about Stripe here


What will the payment look like on my bank statement?

It will say "Family First Technology" and that's it. :)


Why am I charged even after uninstalling the app?

Uninstalling the app does not mean your subscription is cancelled.

You can cancel your subscription here


Why does the app restart when I reboot my phone?

Trustablee restarts when you reboot your phone so that you stay protected! No loopholes :)

When you phone restarts, Android OS is doing a million mathematical calculations to bring your system back to life. The order in which apps restarts is up to your device depending on what apps you have installed, how much ram and storage you have available, etc.


Does it work with inCognito?

Android: Absolutely! That's the whole point, isn't it? :)

Browser Extension: Yes! You need to enable it to run in incognito under browser settings.


Does Trustablee slow down my internet?

Nope! :) Don't believe us? Go ahead and run a speed test, you'll be amazed. :)

That's because it does not run on the network level but rather on the local device level.


Does Trustablee use battery?

Of course, every app uses some amount of battery to run. :)

Expecting a 0% battery usage is illogical. Rest assured the app is super optimized.

Expect < 3% of battery usage per day


Does Trustablee slow down my device?

Nope! :) We put in a lot of effort to optimize the app. If the app slows down your device, this is probably due to an outdated OS or a very old device.


The app does not stay on, monitoring is erratic

That can happen due to the phone manufacturer being overly aggressive with battery management and app killing. This is common for phones made by Chinese manufacturers like Xiaomi, Oppo, Huawei, etc.

Google search your phone type and see how to turn off optimization for apps. A good resource to follow is

Most users report that it works well after turning off battery optimization.

It is also good practice to restart your phone periodically (for example, every day when you charge your device) as that will clear out the kinks in your system that may otherwise affect other apps like ours.


How does monitoring work?

The app monitors the following:

Screenshots - The app periodically captures screenshots in the background and makes them available for your buddy for review via the free buddy dashboard.

Links - Think of this as a link that is visited on a browser. Like a browser history. Straight forward. Anything suspicious is flagged for review.

On screen text - The app monitors text that appears on the screen as the user uses their phone. Anything suspicious is flagged for review. This gets a little tricky. There's plenty of content that appears on a screen that is not necessarily interacted with. Example, an ad or an inappropriate post by a friend on Facebook that the user happens to scroll past (but did not tap on or interact with it). There's also spam emails and suggested videos that may appear on the screen without the user's consent. These may cause a false positive. That's why we call it suspicious instead of blacklisted. Your buddy should use best judgement to determine if something needs to be address via open communication.


Why does it say "Limited access report / hidden"?

Users can decide the level of visibility that their buddies see. This is a privacy control feature for users to control how the reports are displayed to each of their buddy.

Full access - Buddy can see everything.

Limited access - Buddy can only see suspicious entries.

If you have limited access and would like to get full access, please contact the user. We are not able to change this privacy control as this is a user-defined feature.


I stopped getting reports, reports are blank.

This can happen due to several reasons. Here's a quick checklist.

What Buddies can do:

  1. For daily email report, confirm it is not caught in your spam/junk folders.

  2. For web Buddy Dashboard, make sure you are logged into the correct Buddy account. Re-login if necessary.

** If you typically receive these and suddenly do not, then it is more likely a user-side issue where their device is killing background services.

What Users can do:

  1. Confirm you assigned the correct email as your Buddy (no typos, etc)

  2. Make sure your user account has not expired (after 3 day free trial, a subscription is needed to continue usage)

  3. Check permissions by launching the app and grant any permissions that may have been revoked by your OS (may be revoked when you update your OS)

  1. Restart the phone periodically to clear your system (recommend once or twice per week)

  2. Configure your device's power management per this resource if permissions are frequently revoked

  3. If issues still persists, please download the version from our website at which should be more stable than the Play Store version. Please inform know if our website version works better for your setup.

This could have also been due to the fact that recently Android experienced a global outage which caused all apps to crash. Even apps like like Gmail and Facebook are crashing. Google broke some services on phones causing apps to crash, which may have affected our apps (it happens on some phones but not others). Here's the incident in the news:

Something suspicious is flagged as safe

If this is a link and shows up as safe in the report, please contact us with the link so we can add it to our blacklist database. We will review the link and if it qualifies, we will add them to our blacklist.

If this is a suspicious on-screen text, check your sensitivity settings in the app. You may have a less-sensitive setting set on the app. Setting the app to "Medium" or "High" sensitivity will generally flag more items. Keep in mind this will always cause more false positives, and can potentially "annoy" your buddy. A more sensitive app is not always better. Be sure to use the suitable sensitivity level for your user case.

Something safe is flagged as suspicious

Consider dropping your sensitivity level under settings. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to porn so the app has multiple sensitvity levels for different use cases.


My buddy is not getting real-time alerts for suspicious on-screen text

Real-time alerts are only turned on for suspicious links by default. Real-time alerts for on-screen text are turned off by default to prevent annoying your buddy with false positives.

If you're buddy would like to be alerted in real-time for suspicious on-screen text, they can do so by turning it on in the the free Buddy Dashboard here


What is the new Streak system, how do I use it to help me succeed?

When we started Trustablee, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for users to see their streak. We used suspicious links as a quick and easy way to automatically reset your streak. While in theory this sounds like a great idea, in practical terms it was prone to false positives. This is especially true for users on higher sensitivity levels.

Because of that, we have decided to redo our Streak feature to depend on user input. This prevents false positives, making the streak counter an accurate tool for one's journey.

The goal of our new Streak system is to let users have a better understanding of their journey, specifically through detailed trigger logging. Users are encouraged to use the app to log their urges and relapse. The app will then display an easy-to-understand summary of where they stand in their journey.

Here's a few key things you need to know about the new Streak system:

  1. Users can log two types of incidents, Urge and Relapse

  2. Accountability alerts are sent to your buddy when you log an incident as part of the accountability process

  3. Users can view a count of their Urges and Relapses with insights

  4. Users can view their top 3 incidents, giving them quick insights into their key triggers

We hope that with this new Streak system, users can get to know themselves better through detailed logging of their triggers.