Detoxify FAQ


Blocker not working (pornsites not blocked)

Firstly, please make sure the VPN is on. You can check this by looking for a "key" icon or "VPN" icon on your status bar, typically located beside your battery indicator up top. If it is not on, please launch the app and turn the VPN on. If you cannot turn on the VPN, make sure your account is still valid either with a free trial or an active subscription. If you notice that VPN frequently goes off on its own, please see VPN frequently disconnects, app does not stay on.

If the VPN is on and the blocker still does not work, please check if the ISP (Internet service provider) is hijacking blockers. A quick check you can do to determine this ISP incompatibility is to switch over to another network like from WiFi to your mobile data (and vice versa). See if the blocker works on one network and not on the other. If yes, then it's very likely your ISP is the culprit.

The reason this happens is because when you use a network blocker (no matter from which company), you are side-stepping the ISP's logging system. Since ISPs want to log your browsing data to sell it for a juicy sum to data aggregators, your decision to use a blocker may not be profitable for your ISP. On top of that, ISPs also partner with porn sites to serve you ads to hook you into their ecosystem. This is the dark side of the Internet that puts third party blocker companies like ours at a disadvantage. Your ISP has every monetary motivation to stop you from using a blocker. Public networks like libraries, schools, and work places, may also disallow blockers in favor of their own system.

Unfortunately, there's nothing network blocker companies can do in such cases as the ISP has full monopoly over their policies when you BYOB (bring your own blocker).

Your ISP can decide to either let you continue using the Internet by ignoring the blocker rules or completely shut off your connection completely to "force" you to turn off your blocker. This is out of our control.

Keep in mind this issue affects all other network blockers. It’s an age-old problem for network blockers.

Solutions you can try:

  1. Turn on BURROW. See BURROW on what it is and how to turn it on.
  2. Use a safe browser like Purity. Try Purity Safe Browser here

What does it mean to check for ISP compatibility? How do I do this?

A quick check you can do to determine if your ISP is compatible is to visit a safe site like Then try a blacklisted site like Expect one to load just fine and the other to be blocked.

Try this with your most frequented networks like your home WiFi and your mobile data.

Be sure to rule our caching by clearing old tabs when testing for ISP compatibility between networks. You can also clear history and data from your browser to make sure. Clearing the browser from recent apps and restarting also helps.


App frequently stops working (VPN randomly disconnects, accessibility shuts off periodically)

That can happen due to the phone manufacturer being overly aggressive with battery management and app killing. This is common for phones like Xiaomi, Oppo, Huawei, etc.

Google search your phone type and see how to turn off optimization for apps. You can also review this resource and follow steps to configure your device correctly:

Most users report that it works well after following that resource.

Finally, you can turn on "Keep VPN Alive" under settings.


I cannot uninstall the app

You can uninstall the app easily, and very quickly by launching the app and pressing the "Uninstall" button located at the top right corner.


Custom blacklist is not working, Youtube Restricted Mode wrongly enforced, etc

Typical symptoms of this issue are:

  • Adult sites blocked but custom blacklisted sites are not blocked
  • Sites that are not in the custom blacklist are suddenly blocked
  • Youtube Restricted Mode is suddenly enforced under normal block mode

You are very likely experiencing IP address related issues, specifically

  • IP pooling
  • Inaccurate IP address detection

Detoxify's custom blacklist depends on unique IP addresses to determine which blacklist to enforce for whom.

In a perfect world, everyone has an IP address unique to them. But as more and more users pick up Internet packages, ISPs pool their users together under 1 IP address to save "space".

Simply put, 500-1000 users share the same IP address. Keep in mind that this practice is beyond Detoxify and is something your ISP does, not us.

When more than 1 Detoxify user share the same IP address (due to IP pooling), Detoxify's system will not be able to accurately enforce the correct blacklist per user. This is why you may experience erratic blacklisting behavior.

It's a classic problem network filters face. We try very hard to innovate, but at some point, we are slowed down by external factors like the ISP. We make it easy to block sites with a push of a button, but there are realities outside of our control due to the antiquated nature of networking technology that happens under the hood.

Solutions you can try:

  1. If you are using an older version of Detoxify, update it on the Play Store and try again. Newer versions of Detoxify have enhanced IP address detection.
  2. Confirm there are no other users in the same household with a different Detoxify account. This could also mean an old account of yours that is not longer in use but may be tagged with your home wifi IP address. If you are not sure, contact and we can help you determine any past accounts you've had with us to purge the IP address duplication.
  3. Try BURROW. See BURROW on what it is and how to turn it on.
  4. Use a safe browser like Purity. Try Purity Safe Browser here

Why are you not replying to my emails?

We reply everyone within 24 hours even on weekends, non office hours, as well as holidays. We take "caring for our community" very seriously.

There are certain cases where your email may not have reached us. Or, inversely, our replies may not have reached you. This typically happens when the emails are sent to junk/spam rather than the active inbox. Another common issue is when you typo our email. Our support inbox is

Our email server is securely powered and hosted by Gmail. The rules that decide which emails end up in junk/spam is up to Google's algorithm and we cannot control this.

As a matter of company policy, we ask everyone on our team to not open the junk/spam folder because it contains thousands of emails that contain malicious links. These links, when clicked on, can affect our working machines and may pose a risk to user data. We take security seriously and hence to mitigate that possibility, we have an internal policy of not opening our junk/spam folders at all. This security practice is not uncommon and is also a way for us to extend protection to all our users (you) at large.

If you have emailed us and did not hear back from us, check if you got the right email. If there are no typos, then kindly email us with another email of yours referencing your original email account so we may look for it in our spam very cautiously.


I've subscribed, but the app isn't working?

The app may be logged in to a different account than the one you just made a subscription on.

This happens when you create multiple Detoxify accounts before subscribing.

Perhaps, you need a longer trial to decide before subscribing, hence the many accounts.

Solution: Uninstall the app, then re-install. Use the login option and login with the email you subscribed with.


If issues persists, email us at for help.


Can I remove that annoying notification?

We are required by Android to show that notification all the time. But the user (you) can hide it! :)

Solution: Swipe right on the notification, then go into the settings and hide it.

That's it, you're all set! :)


I found a loophole, what do I do?

Email us directly at! :)

If this is a new loophole that we have not heard of, then we would be happy to share some sweet promo codes with you for free months!

Please do not post anything on the public Play Store Review section as that may cause other people who do not know of the loophole yet to stumble.

And you don't want to be stumbling block now do you? :)


The VPN does not start when I press "OK"

It's a known bug in Android. This happens when you have another app that is overlaying over it like a Blue Light Filter app or a messenger chat head.

Solution: Exit any running overlay apps. Or, just restart your device then try again.


I can still uninstall the app even after assigning a pin

You must follow all 3 steps required when setting up pin-protect. Skipping even one step will cause pin-protect to not work.

If you have followed all 3 steps and you can still uninstall the app, please email us directly for further assistance at! :)


How to setup RMDP/Trustablee accountability app with Detoxify

To use our accountability apps with Detoxify, you need to do the following--

  1. Uninstall Detoxify.
  2. Finish setup for RMDP/Trustablee accountability app.
  3. Re-install and login to Detoxify.

The reason is because accessibility and device admin can make uninstall easy for Detoxify so it's routing you back for the pin to keep you safe whenever you try to setup permissions for RMDP/Trustablee.

Email us if you're still confused and we'll guide you through it step by step.


Can you filter bad content only from Twitter, Instagram, Reddit?

We are unable to do selective blocking-- blocking only the bad content on particular sites/platform. This is in violation of their terms of use.

We can only block a site entirely, which is not a good idea because these sites are often used for innocent reasons like watching funny cat videos or catching up on news, friends and family.

There is no known solution currently in the world that can filter out only the bad stuff from these sites. This is a technological limitation.

Solution 1: Use our custom blacklist feature and add any site you want to block it completely.

Solution 2: Try Extreme or Ultra Extreme Mode as those block more sites and also enforces Youtube Restricted Mode.

Solution 3: Use our accountability app to capture these content.

Solution 4: Use a safe browser like our Purity Safe Browser which blocks by keyword as well.

Many of our users use Detoxify and accountability simultaneously, and they find it super effective!


Checkout RealMenDontPorn accountability here.

Checkout Trustablee accountability here.

Checkout Purity Safe Browser here.


What is Youtube Restricted Mode? Why are some Youtube videos blocked?

Youtube can sometimes contain objectionable content that some may find dangerous. Youtube has an official feature called "Restricted Mode" which aims to block these content and only allow the good stuff through.

When Detoxify is used under Extreme or Ultra Extreme Mode, Youtube Restricted Mode will be enforced. This is a feature is very useful for those seek to eliminate dangerous content on Youtube.

If you would like to use Youtube unrestricted while still keeping the other Extreme and Ultra Extreme rules intact, you can whitelist the Youtube app under settings.

You can learn more about Youtube Restricted Mode here.


Some of my apps no longer work

Contact us directly at with the name of the app and a link to it on the Play Store.

We will add that app to our whitelist and you should be able to re-use it like normal.


How much does it cost?

The app comes with a 3-day free trial. During this time, no credit card is needed.

After that, a subscription is required. See below for our pricing.




Why isn't it free?

Running Detoxify costs money. From infrastructure to human resources.

Most free apps (especially blockers) claims to be free but isn't truly "free". They harvest your browsing data then sell it to advertisers for a lucrative sum of money. They are even upfront about this practice if you look hard enough in their privacy policy.

There is no way to make any app for free. It's either selling your data or charging a small fee to maintain the service.

Detoxify is one of the most affordable apps out there, others charge upward of $15/mo per device. We think that's ridiculous, and so Detoxify was created.

Our goal is to make safe Internet experience affordable and accessible to everyone. Our commitment to all our users is no logging, no harvesting, no tampering, and no seeing any data.

Consider this: If you have a smartphone, a high speed internet subscription, and some left over money to buy a fancy cup of coffee at Starbucks every week, then surely you can invest $5 in yourself.

This app isn't like that fancy cup of coffee from Starbucks. It isn't your weekly one-time hit of sugary high. It's a consistent protection for you, 24/7, so that your life is positioned for freedom and success. And that, to us, is priceless!


Will I be charged automatically every month/year?

Yes, you will be charged automatically every month or year if you upgraded after your free trial. Think of it like a Netflix or Spotify subscription.

You can cancel anytime here


Can I pay with Paypal or Google Pay?

We do not accept payments over Paypal or Google Pay. This is partly due to their hefty fees.

We use Stripe, which is the world's most popular online payment gateway for software businesses.

They process everything, so we don't have to. We don't even see your credit card details, it's all processed by Stripe securely and safely.

Stripe is used by many big brands like Spotify, Uber, and Target.

Read more about Stripe here


What will the payment look like on my bank statement?

It will say "Family First Technology" and that's it. :)


Why am I charged even after uninstalling the app?

Uninstalling the app does not mean your subscription is cancelled.

You can cancel your subscription here


Does it work with inCognito?

Absolutely! That's the whole point, isn't it? :)


Why does the app restart when I reboot my phone?

Detoxify restarts when you reboot your phone so that you stay protected! No loopholes :)

When you phone restarts, Android OS is doing a million mathematical calculations to bring your system back to life. The order in which apps restarts is up to your device depending on what apps you have installed, how much ram and storage you have available, etc.


My internet is not working

Some internet service providers do not allow porn blockers. In such rare cases, your device will not be able to connect to the internet at all.

This is not a bug in the app. There’s nothing we can do if your network bans porn blockers.

We’re really at the mercy of the big corporations. :(

This typically happens in public networks like offices, libraries, schools, cafes. We recommend sticking to your mobile data instead.


Email us at for help to figure it out, if you're not sure.

DO NOT leave us a 1-star review as that will destroy our mission to reach more people who needs this tool to help them live a healthy life! :)


Does Detoxify slow down my internet?

Nope! :) Don't believe us? Go ahead and run a speed test, you'll be amazed. :)


Does Detoxify use battery?

Of course, every app uses some amount of battery to run. :)

Expecting a 0% battery usage is illogical. Rest assured the app is super optimized.

Expect < 1% of battery usage per day


Does Detoxify slow down my device?

Nope! :)


What is BURROW?

Since day 1, your privacy and security has been on the forefront of every update we make to Detoxify. While we are extremely passionate to deliver a porn-free Internet experience to all our users, we are also technologists at heart with a passion for Internet security and privacy.

We believe in a secure and private service for all our users. This is why we have been extremely vocal against free apps. As we all know, free apps are not truly free at all. There are servers to pay, talent costs to cover, etc. Facebook for example is well known for selling user data to advertisers that then re-target you with their ads. "Free" apps come at the expense of your privacy and security. This is a fact we must all except.

If you have used Detoxify in it's "regular" state and found the blocker not working, then you probably already know what's happening. Your ISP is hijacking your connection. We outline this clearly here. We recommend all Internet users to familiarize themselves with ISP hijacking.

BURROW goes after the big boys (ISPs) and shows them who's boss by encrypting DNS traffic over modern and progressive protocol. Privacy-conscious tech giants like Mozilla have been a huge advocate for encrypted protocol and have led the effort in the past year. Detoxify by Family First Technology joins this very same progressive effort by implementing BURROW as part of our core offering.

With BURROW, all your device's DNS traffic is obfuscated. This means enhanced security, privacy, and very little to no chance (extremely hard) for any third party (including your ISP) to sniff, eavesdrop, and/or hijack your connection which can sometimes result in the blocker not working.

BURROW is cutting edge technology that is so new most devices are not ready to optimally support it. You may (or may not) experience some battery use depending on your phone model, OS version, etc. This is out of our (and your) control and a small price to pay for Internet security / privacy temporarily until the operating system catches up.

Only use BURROW if you face the following issues:

  1. ISP incompatibility (DNS hijacking)
  2. IP address related issues (IP pooling)

Here's how to turn on BURROW:

  1. Make sure you have the most updated version of our app from the Play Store.
  2. Launch the app and go to Settings.
  3. Tap 5x at the top right corner of the Settings page (it's a white space, don't worry just tap it).
  4. Scroll down until you see BURROW under Experimental Settings. (if you don't see it, please turn on custom blacklist first)
  5. Toggle on BURROW.

**BURROW is currently only available for AndroidOS. To date, WindowsOS and MacOS is still unable to natively support BURROW technology. Our team is always ready to implement BURROW as soon as the operating system supports the protocol.


Windows app will not start

Detoxify Windows automatically minimizes itself upon launch. This is to prevent awkward pop ups.

You can manually launch it by clicking on the app in the bottom right menu tray.


Windows app is not blocking even when it says "ON"

Please disable iPV6 under network settings. Here's how:

  1. Open Settings > Network and Internet > Change Adapter Options
  2. Right-click the connection for which you want to disable IPv6, and select Properties.
  3. Uncheck Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) and click OK.

Mac app will not install

MacOS will typically show a warning message when one tries to install an app that is not downloaded from the App Store.

Simply right click the app and run it, it will work just fine after.


Blocker no longer working after Samsung OS update

Samsung broke their VPN module in some of their recent update to Android 10. Check your OS security patch under Settings and if you are running a security patch between Jan - Apri 2020, then you may be affected. Samsung has since fixed it with the May 2020 security and later.

This happens not just to Detoxify but to other popular VPN app like NordVPN and ExpressVPN. See below for complaints by forum members:

Please be advised this is a Samsung issue and not a Detoxify issue. The only party that can fix this is Samsung.

Troubleshooting steps:

  1. Update your OS, Samsung may have already rolled out a fix depending on where you are in the world
  2. Update Detoxify in the Play Store and restart your phone, see if that helps
  3. Try to turn on BURROW. See how here.
  4. If all of the above does not work, back up your phone and do a factory reset. This will roll back the faulty OS update by Samsung.

Finally, please pester Samsung to fix this. Complain directly to Samsung via forum, email or call support just like how others have done in the link shared above. This is a Samsung issue and as a paying Samsung user, you deserve to enjoy a phone that works.

Do not 1 star us as this is not an issue with the Detoxify app but with Samsung.