Family Scouting

Parents Meeting (Agenda and Minutes)

Dear Scout Family,

Come join us for a fun rocket making workshop on Nov3rd, and launch your own rocket on Dec1st in Santa Fe Dam Park.

  1. Please read this Launching Procedure completely
  2. Please read this Safety Advisory completely
  3. Please print and sign Flight Card before launch day.
  4. Map of the Santa Fe Dam Launch site

Material and Launch Fee:

$10.00 Pre-order Estes Rocket Alpha or Viking or Generic (re-launchable) $12 at the door.

$ 3.00 One time use rocket motor/engine purchase at launch site.

$ 5.00 Launch fee per family. Pay directly to Southern California Rocket Association at launch site.

Dear Scout Family,

Lets go for fishing on Nov19th @8AM in Long Beach. It is all free for Youth that is younger than 15 years old.