Your Committee

Your Committee for the 2021 / 2022 financial year are

Patrons Lianne Dalziel, the Mayor of Christchurch

Jill Lord

President Kevin White

Vice President Heather Craw

Acting Secretary Margaret White

Treasurer Pauline Taylor

Honorary Auditor Lynne Prattley

Committee Barbara Miller, Judith Munro, Simon Courtney, Jill Lord, Philip Creed,

Webmaster Kevin White

Newsletter Kevin White

e-magazine editor Philip Creed

Exofficio postions

Honours Sub Committee Kevin White (President), Barbara Miller, Judith Munro, Simon Courtney (Observer)

Programme Philip Creed, Simon Courtney

Proof Readers Margaret White, Paul Munro

Research Jill Lord, Kevin White, Philip Creed

Membership Tony Gordon

Society Contact Margaret White Ph. 3552109 or 0212108668

Librarian Jill Lord