1. Is there a dress code?

Casual dress, we are just happy that you came.

2. What can I expect during the service?

To be welcomed in like you are already part of the Fairview church family. Our services are a mixure of praising God and learning His Word.

3. How do I join?

At the end of the serivce you will have the opportunity to come down to see the Pastor during the invitation to join by: (1) Statement of faith in Jesus Christ; (2) Baptism, following accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior; or (3) Transfer of Membership Letterfrom another church of like faith.

4. How do I get baptized?

Simply talk with the pastor to schedule a Sunday. You can get hold of him during the invitation time in the service or make an appointment through the office to see him during the week.

5. Are all people welcome?

We welcome everyone that desires to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

6. What programs are availble for children?

Sunday Morning at 9:30am we have Sunday school for ages 0-18.

Sunday Night at 6pm, we have special events for both children and youth.

Wednesday Nights at 6:15pm, we have Awana for ages 0-12, and "the Gathering" for our youth, which is a time of Bible Study and fun.

7. Church Doctrine?

Fairview is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention and we are theologically consverative in nature.

8. Do I need to have a specific version of the Bible?

The pastor normally preaches from the New American Standard Bible (NASB), but he encourages everyone to find a Bible translation that works for them that they will read and apply to their life daily.

9. How long is the service?

All services are right about an hour in length.

10. What classes are available to Adults?

Sunday morning at 9:30am, we have Sunday school classes ranging from College age to Senior adults; Couples, men, and women's classes.

Wednesday nights at 6:15pm we have a time of casual Bible study with the Pastor.