COMMITTEE CHAIRS: Inara Coleman and Kevin Staton


OUR MISSION: The mission of the Fairfield Education Association (FEA) Antiracism Committee (ARC) is to research, develop, implement, and support policies, protocol, and curriculum for a more inclusive, uplifting, and safer learning environment for all students to thrive academically, emotionally, socially, and creatively. We acknowledge the long-held systemic barriers against equity and inclusivity throughout our district and pledge to educate staff in antiracist pedagogy, collaborate with our community for stronger educational representation, and decolonize our curriculum and management systems in order to ensure our schools are places where all students can achieve the FPS Vision of a Graduate.


To foster a school community in which staff, students, and parents have the right to a safe and productive teaching, learning, and working environment free from racism.

To implement systems, curriculum, assessment, and teaching practices that value and respond to the cultural and linguistic diversity of our schools, thereby providing inclusive educational experiences for all students.

To assist staff and students in becoming sensitized to the experiences of BIPOC (Black, indigenous, and persons of color), in unlearning racist patterns, and in empowering them to interrupt racist remarks and attitudes.

To build coalitions and associations with other groups and individuals who share a commitment to racial justice.

To support the MTR team in following the state guidelines in hiring practices, with a focus on assisting schools to attract, recruit, hire, and retain a diverse teaching and administrative personnel that more closely represents the diversity of the student and community population.