Evolutionary and Taxonomic Diversity of Marine Invertebrates

2020 session postponed

Course postponed and will unfortunately not run in 2020. We will announce new dates as soon as possible! You are welcone to contact Anna Gonchar (anya.gonchar@gmail.com) if you have any questions regarding past of future sessions of the course.

This international course welcomes participants to take a unique insight into a variety of aspects of marine invertebrates’ biodiversity. This course has been specifically designed on the basis on long-term experience to meet emerging challenges of modern life sciences. The in-campus intro provides a quick dive into the topic and all the necessary basic knowledge. The fieldwork on the White Sea is a core part of the course.

By entering this adventure you will:

  • obtain deep understanding of current views on Tree of Life and invertebrates’ evolution;
  • build solid knowledge of invertebrate biodiversity, from phyla to species level;
  • understand how marine communities are structured and function;
  • master all methods related to sample collection, processing and analysis;
  • specifically focus on invertebrate fauna in Arctic seas through fieldwork on the White Sea;
  • learn from experienced instructors with extensive scientific and educational expertise;
  • gain additional competitive advantage for future career;
  • visit one of the oldest zoology departments located in the beautiful city of St Petersburg.

Course locations in St Peresburg and at the White Sea:

Department of Invertebrate Zoology SPbU

Universitetskaya nab., 7/9, 199034


Educational and research station "Belomorskaia"

Sredniy island, Chupa inlet, White Sea