The project


The project ‘Reporters without frontiers’ sees students as reporters who document intercultural studies on Europe’s important problems as well as on already existing approaches to those problems.

They do so by using media like, for example, photos, videos, audio recordings, interviews, texts and audio-visual texts.

The first step of the project includes the preparation, realisation and evaluation of transnational TLT-meetings. All countries which are involved in the project work interdisciplinary on five different topics in the following subjects: History, Economic and Political Studies, Geography, Languages, Ethics and Biology.

The topic ‘refugees’ will be compulsive for every country participating in the project. The other four topics will be chosen by the countries individually, according to their specific and individual interests. Possible topics could be ‘environmental protection’, ‘unemployment’, ‘poverty’, gentrification’, etc.

The students function as experts in their own country as well as in their host countries. Their expert knowledge will be passed on to their local schools and communities. The teams work on a transnational basis. Theoretic l and practical elements of their learning process will be connected by using new media for doing research and giving presentations.