The PERFECT team

Photo of Lisa Bortolotti smiling

Lisa Bortolotti

PI (2014-2019)

Photo of Michael Larkin thoughtful

Michael Larkin

Co-I (2014-2019)

Photo of Ema Sullivan-Bissett in a red outfit

Ema Sullivan-Bissett

Research fellow 


Photo of Katherine Puddifoot in front of a cathedral

Katherine Puddifoot

Research fellow 


Photo of Sophie Stammers smiling

Sophie Stammers

Research fellow


Photo of Magdalena Antrobus smiling

Magdalena Antrobus

Doctoral researcher


Photo of Andrea Polonioli, in a tie

Andrea Polonioli

Research fellow


Photo of Valeria Motta smiling

Valeria Motta

Doctoral researcher


Other team members

Research assistants: 

Alex Miller Tate, Eugenia Lancellotta, Matilde Aliffi