Philosophy of mind workshop series

This 6-session, discussion-driven workshop series is for everyone with an interest in mental health: e.g., for people with lived experience of unusual beliefs and experiences; those involved in mental health advocacy; mental health service providers and clinical practitioners, and beyond. The series explores questions in the philosophy of mind relevant to theories about, and experiences of, mental health, and is based on research from PERFECT. It was developed by Sophie Stammers, research fellow at Project PERFECT, and conceived of in partnership with Mind in Camden.

Here, we make the workshop series resources available so that you can facilitate your own philosophy group.

The Facilitator pack

This pack offers guidance to the facilitator on how to present the material and how to set up group discussion and participation.

Presentation slides

If your group will be hosted in a space where there is access to a projector, you can use these slides to present the material and discussion points.


 If you do not have access to a projector, the slide decks have been prepared to be printed as handouts. You can choose to print either 1, 2 or 4 pages per sheet (go to the “layout” option in the print dialogue) if you like.

Core questions and ideas

 If you want to run a more stripped-down group, without focusing on the models and examples, here are the core questions and ideas of each session.