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Philosophy of Mind Workshop Series

“The Philosophy of Mind Workshop and the work by Project PERFECT has led us to consider ways in which we might continue to incorporate further opportunities for these valuable conversations, both by promoting the Philosophy of Mind open access workshop materials and by offering future events and workshops that explore questions in Philosophy of Mind relevant to theories about and experiences of mental health and mental distress. We have been sharing information about the open access workshop series materials at other workshops and meetings and will be including this information in our next inside out update which will go to all our subscribers in January 2019.” 

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Above: photos from the panel discussion after the screening of Francesco Filippi's Red Hands (Mani Rosse).

Epistemic innocence



Belief, perception, and imagination

Above: images from our art exhibition "Pouring Water through a Telescope", part of the 2019 Arts and Science Festival.

Memory and confabulation

Mental health stigma


Implicit bias and stereotyping

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Birmingham Heroes campaigns

Above: Matilde Aliffi and Eugenia Lancellotta entertain children and families with the help of emotions legos at the Science Museum; Sophie Stammers presents her research on confabulation; Katherine Puddifoot talks about testimimonial silencing at an interdisciplinary event on loneliness and epistemic injustice.