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Ercan Research Group is specializing in advanced biomaterials with the overarching academic goal of incorporating nanotechnology into regenerative medicine. As a part of this process, ‘Biomaterials and Nanomedicine Laboratory’ focuses on integrating fundamental materials science concepts with biological principles to improve currently-used biomaterials to heal damaged tissues. In particular, design, synthesis, and characterization of nanophase materials for orthopedic, anti-bacterial and cardiovascular tissue engineering applications are studied.


  • July 2017: Didem Mimiroğlı, M.Sc. joined Biomaterials and Nanomedicine Laboratory. We congratulate her and wish her good luck.
  • February 2017: Ece Uslu (MetE’17) joined Biomaterials and Nanomedicine Laboratory. We congratulate her and wish her good luck. Read more>>>
  • January 2017: Biomaterials and Nanomedicine Laboratory secured its first grant for the project entitled “Fabrication of Nanophase Ti6Al7Nb Alloy” from METU Research Funds, (2017). Read more>>>
  • November 2016: Saba Najjarihagh, B.S joined Biomaterials and Nanomedicine Laboratory. She will be co-advised with Prof. Dilek Keskin. Read more>>>
  • November 2016: Dr. Ercan presented his research at 3rd Biomaterials Days organized in Ordu University. Read more>>>
  • October 2016: Construction of the Biomaterials and Nanomedicine Laboratory is finalized. Now, time for experiments! Read more>>>


Biomaterials and Nanomedicine Lab is continuously looking for highly-motivated graduate students interested in receiving a multidisciplinary academic training at the intersection of materials science and biology with a strong focus on developing nanophase materials for orthopedic, dental and vascular tissue engineering applications. If you are interested in joining our research group, please contact Dr. Batur Ercan directly.