Club Calendar/Events

Club Calendar

Flexible Riding and Training Schedule...

The club calendar lists our scheduled group rides and events. It is deliberatley flexible each week allowing member to choose the types of rides that work for them.

Working weekdays Monday/Wed/Fri offer purposeful training rides for the more serious participants.

M/W/F's offer a "recovery ride" scenario for the riders to relax and put on some easy miles as they join the less competetive members for a slower paced, no drop group ride.

Tues/Thurs are targeted training rides to improve strength (intervals on Tuesday's) and power (crit course on Thursday's.)

Sat/Sun rides are reserved for those aren't racing somewhere, and who wish to go out on a longer distance spin working on speed and endurance improvement.

Evening rides start at 6:00PM, and weekend rides go at 9:00AM unless otherwise noted. Routes and distances are decided by the participants on any given ride.

Alberta Bicycle Association Learn To Race Clinics

ABA offers these introduction to road racing clinics each year for new racers. Click here for details and to register. Registration is $40.00 and provides points for Cat 4 and 5 racers.

Alberta Races 2018

This link will soon be re-set for 2018 and provides a comprehensive list of mostly Alberta based race events in all disciplines, and this link (also soon to be re-set) will take you to a list of sanctioned mid-week races in the province.

Gran Fondo Guide 2018

This link takes you to Gran Fondo Guide, a website covering everything gran fondo.