Club Kit

New KIT Design for 2017 carries over to 2018! ...with some minor changes (because it looked so awesome:)

You can see the updated and totally fast looking 2016 KIT items we designed last year by clicking the attached files below, as well as a sizing chart. Our design is awesome, and we'll be looking at gloves, insulated jackets, matching helmets etc. in the future as things progress. While Wyatt and I were walking around the pit area the night before stage 2 of the TOur of Alberta in the Delta Lodge parking lot at Kananasksis, more than one cycling fan asked him what team he was riding with... what a thrill for him and proof that our design is world class to be mistaken for a pro team kit:)

When sizing yourself remember that the "club cut" Peloton style is more relaxed and less tapered than the "race cut" Carerra style. We can mix and match on the orders so order the type you desire. Junior riders will likely go with the race cut as they are slimmer and the leaner, tapered cut will fit them better.

We are placing the first 2018 season order by the end of February allowing us delivery in time for the first chilly outdoor rides in late March, and enough time to place subsequent orders if necessary for later in the spring. Our supplier offers a 30 day turnaround on orders. Email for more information!

Here's a peek at the new swag carrying over from 2017 to this season!




Windblock jacket

Thermal jacket looks just like the windblock but with insulated fabric.

Leg and Arm warmer

(leg shown, arm is same but smaller)

RDEC leg warmers Sketch_LR.pdf