Democrats & Republicans

Why Not Democrat?

This is the party whose leaders have jettisoned all traditional American values. Democrat leaders now:

  • Regulate businesses nefariously
  • Use speech codes to quash opinions
  • Let a person's race color their decisions
  • Give illegals more benefits than native-born children
  • Force schoolgirls to share locker rooms with leering males
  • Want people who work hard to pay for people who are lazy
  • Insist that men enter women's bathrooms if they feel like peeping
  • Insist on "feel good" school programs instead of truly good teaching.

Why Not Republican?

Northeast republican leaders are no longer conservative.

  • Conservatives promote free trade
  • Conservatives end restrictions on schools
  • Conservatives don't deficit spend
  • Conservatives don't expand government to fight little people selling peyote and weed to one another.
  • Conservatives are pro-life.
  • Conservatives don't lie to voters. ("We'll build the Wall, and Mexico will pay for it" is as disingenuous as Obama's "like your doctor...keep your doctor" prevarications).

YOU, the Independents, become the ones that move Dumb Democrats to right-thinking. Or at least middle-of-the road non-socialist thinking.