EO-Pi: Exploring the science behind Earth Observation

EO-Pi is a new project led by the University of Edinburgh and the Plymouth Marine Laboratory and funded by the UK Space Agency.

EO-Pi describes introductory educational materials to support the development of lesson plans in UK schools. These include some basics on Earth Observation science and the opportunity to test those ideas using computational and physical experiments, and to explore real Earth Observation data. This material delivered using Raspberry Pi units and online tools.

First, what is Earth Observation and why is it important?

What is EO?

Interactive lesson plans

Each topic below includes a lesson plan that includes:

  • a description of cutting edge Earth Observation data and why it is important
  • the science behind the measurements
  • some interactive data analysis exercises using real data and a practical demonstration

Below we include two lesson plans that describe the science behind two great examples of Earth Observation data