Our History

Wesley Chapel at Elk Neck

Wesley Chapel has been a place of worship on Elk Neck for nearly 187 years. The cornerstone of the chapel building was laid by Rev. William Ryder in 1830 to house the services of a congregation that had already been in existence for 33 years, since 1797. Wesley Chapel & Cemetery is very likely one of the oldest rural chapels still in use in the Delaware and Chesapeake Bay areas. In the late 1970s this congregation outgrew the chapel building and built an additional larger Worship Center just to the east on Justice Way. We still lift up and praise God most Sunday mornings at 8:30am at the chapel with beautiful,traditional music and hymns from our specially built Italian pipe organ. We also celebrate Christmas Eve by candlelight annually at 11:00pm. Wesley Chapel is located at 2015 Old Elk Neck Road. Check our calendar for worship schedule.

Directions to the Chapel

Wesley United Methodist Church on Justice Way

Wesley Church, the building, was originally an old Army chapel located at Aberdeen Proving Ground. The chapel was slated for demolition, but instead, it was dismantled and moved to its present location in the early 1980s when Wesley needed to expand to house it's growing membership. The first service was held on October 31, 1982. The church was reconstructed on this site by its members, many of whom stored pieces of the church in their yards until they were ready to be reassembled. The Sunday school wing and expanded fellowship area downstairs were added in the early 1990s. We celebrate our joy in God every week on Sundays at 10:30am with our live praise band's music with full projection technology making the service very easy to follow. Meet and greet other members of the community in our family oriented environment. Check our calendar for complete schedule for worship, Sunday school, small groups and fellowship ministries.

Directions to the Church