Preferred Method of Payment:

The preferred method of payment for Agape dinners is via PayPal at:

Send electronic payment directly and securely to the Lodge Secretary at:

A. When selecting type of payment please select the Send to friends and family option

    • Bank accounts linked to PayPal incur no additional fees when sending money
    • If paying via credit or debit card, a convenience fee will be assessed based on the total amount paid

B. In the add a note section of your payment, please include your name/Lodge, meal selection, and date of event.

    • For Example: ‘Brother AB and Guest AB, Lodge #, 1 Steak and 1 Vegetarian, for Agape on MM/DD/YYYY’

C. Please print the final payment confirmed screen as receipt of your transaction or select the option to have a receipt sent to your email address if preferred. This process through PayPal requires no additional RSVP to be given once payment is sent.

Secondary Method of Payment:

A. Mail or physically give a personal check / cash / certified funds directly to the Secretary. Please contact our Secretary at for the mailing address.

B. Payment must be received prior to the RSVP deadline to guarantee your reservation

C. Within the Memo line please include a payment description

    • For Example: ‘Brother AB and Guest AB, Lodge #, 1 Steak and 1 Vegetarian, Agape on MM/DD/YYYY’
    • Additionally, please include a note specifying a desired method for being provided a receipt:

i. Email my receipt to

ii. Mail my receipt to

iii. Please give me my receipt in person at the event

iv. I elect to not receive a receipt for this payment

D. A receipt will be provided in the manner specified