Quality & Ethically sourced UK Farm produce

Please order Turkey, Goose, Duck and Joint in store for New Year 2018, even Easter 2019!

Currently we are not capable of taking orders through the website.

However to speed things up do download a form, print out and drop in.

Every one knows about our award winning sausages, have you tried our wide specialist selection of steaks ?

We love a good weekend roast too. What about a nice and easy chops tonight? A perfect morning fry up!

Finest Steel Knives

A few customers asked if I could advise and recommend good all round Kitchen knives, well here we are. A select few of the best all purpose tools.

Ooo you Saucy bloke.

Can I tempt you!

We do more too. Organic Farm Eggs, Fine Italian Pasta, Preserves, Pots and Boxes. Just like a mini Deli.

Occasionally we do events, Tastings, Street food, BBQs and even Santa Claus visits on Christmas Eve and sits outside the shop.

You're welcome to just take time out sitting in our Throne ... really.

That's why they call me the 'KING OF CHURCHFIELD'.