Quality & Ethically sourced UK Farm produce

Cooking ideas, the choice is endless just look online. This is a basic guide to start you off.

We have lots of prices on display, unlike supermarkets no pre-packaged cuts as it's cheaper for you if we don't to waste packaging and time. That means you get more for you money and free advice. If you've got a fixed budget, tell us we'll whizz up some ideas and show you what you can get.

We pride ourselves on Professional butcher services - Filleting, De-boning, Roll Joint, Slicing, Dicing and Mincing.

Got a Special Occasion? Then how about a fancy Roasting Joint or if you've a big oven or BBQ a whole Pig

Even if you want a single sausage or two slices of our Drycure Bacon... Do come in !

Lamb, succulent, richly flavoured.

Lamb chops - a classic grilled, why not try a rack?

Shoulder - Stew or slow Roast

Loin Chop - mini T-bone steaks grill or BBQ

Rump - Gently pan fried

Leg - A favourite British Sunday roast

Shank - Stew or slow roast economical choice

Neck - Wonderful cooked slow and excellent value

Chicken is just about as versatile as you can get.

Super healthy lean diet and economical too; win win!

Chicken Breast - Heavens you can just about everything to these... fry, grill, pie, curry, BBQ

Drumstick - Pot roast, bake

Leg - Oven or BBQ, big so they take longer

Thigh - My favourite BBQ or oven baked

Wing - fry me spicy

Beef, Steak and the food of Kings.

Brisket - Great slow roasted

Chuck Steak - Braising Steak, great value

Fillet - King of Steaks the prime cut

Ribeye Steak - Popular full of flavour

Rump - classic steak and quality kebabs

Shin - Stewing steak

Silverside - good Sunday roasting joint

Sirloin - Steak or rolled boned joint

Skirt - Best cut against grain, thin & fried

T-Bone Steak - Big on flavour fried

Topside - Classic roast joint roll

Guys, you've so come to right place for Steak. There are dozens of cuts, varieties, breed and styles. We love a good steak, so we stock the finest we can find. Best if you talk to us about what you like, how you like to cook and we'll give you a few suggestions. We will then cut to suit you, your wallet and your tastebuds. We're here to help!

Sausages, Glourious Bangers ...!

Shoulder - Stew, slow roasted, grill or BBQ

Loin - Classic roasting joint

Fillet - Leanest of cuts

Pork Chop - Grill or fry

Leg - Roasted whole or Steaks

Belly - Slow roasted or sliced

Cheek - Tasty economical stew

Bacon - Drycure and as good as it gets

Handmade on the premises, our famous sausages. Winner for Kids the favourite meal.

Typically 15% less fat than supermarkets!