Quality & Ethically sourced UK Farm produce

Want to know something?

Please drop by the shop... 39 Churchfield Road, Acton W3

Email queries and web orders is something for the future. Right now I rugged up in the cold room making your Sausages!

Who is the English Butcher....

G'day mate. I'm an Australian Tim English and I work very hard at sourcing the best and finest local produce for your table and love a good chat. Can I talk food?

Every single item in my shop can be sourced back to the actual farm, even the herd I buy from. I only select the absolute best from careful selected top British and UK farms. Providing a wide range from Ethically reared, Free-range, Organic, Higher-Welfare Certifications, Sustainable, Non GMO, Outdoor reared happy produce also supporting independent farmers too.

FREE PARKING right outside for the first 30 minutes, just get a ticket from the street parking machine.

As we put in some serious hours at the shop seven days a week, sending emails isn't very high on my priority.

However drop in to the shop and I'll be only too happy to talk to you.