Quality & Ethically sourced UK Farm produce

Fond farewells and thank you all my lovely customers, we are now closed.

The shop is now permanently shut. I've had a blast over the last eight years and made some fantastic friends.

It's been a hard few years and now is the time to come out smiling and smell the flowers. The future is exciting, who knows what it'll hold.

Until we meet again my friends, kind regards Tim English x

Every one knows about our award winning sausages, have you tried our wide specialist selection of steaks?

We love a good weekend roast too. Or a perfect morning fry up!

What about a nice and easy delicious chops tonight?

Remember most of our stock is in the chiller units out of view. We have a small sample on display.

Just ask we'll Mince, Slice, Trim, De-bone, Fillet and Dice to order.

Want a meal for £1, £5, £10 or £500 tell me your budget we'll see you eat well tonight.

We are almost perfect but we sometimes open up a little late due to deliveries, traffic, office work and yes even sleeping in.

We are awesome butchers though, however please be tolerant if the shutters are down at 5 mins past.

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Our day off !







Please check in on my Facebook page for any changes.

Google reviews ... come, see and taste for yourself!

Paul ★★★★★ 'Tim English runs one of the best butcher shops in West London. '

Sam ★★★★★ 'Brilliant (and quirky butcher) Tim dishes up brilliant sausages, beef, chicken and much more. His makes his own sausages and they're *so* much better than the supermarket ones. '

Dave ★★★★★ 'With t-bones to die for, sumptuous sirloins and plump juicy chickens Mr English caters of all occasions. '

Facebook reviews...

Chole ★★★★★ 'Tim is the best butcher in London- maybe the world. He gets up at 3am to buy meat fresh and direct. Best quote: “Can’t get fresher- it was in a pig this morning!”

Peter ★★★★★ Fantastic quality and great burgers so please not only support your local trader you will give your tastebuds a real treat

We have produce to suit every taste, meal and budget. We like to cut steaks to order, mince meat of your choice and tie that joint exactly the way you like want.

How about a meal idea? Spatchcock chicken, de-boned beef joint, diced lamb, sliced, minced, breaded or marinated... yes sir you got it, coming right up!

Just ask... we typically only display a sample of what we have in chilled storage. It's a wide range and we love talking about food.

So if you don't see what you were looking for ...please ask we're very friendly!

FREE 30mins PARKING right outside the shop,

just collect a ticket from the council parking machine for your car.