You, Lord, are our Father.  We are the clay, You are the potter; 
                            we are all the work of Your hand (Isaiah 64:8).

"Coaching is an action-oriented partnership that… concentrates on where you are today and how you can reach your goals." ~Time Magazine
“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.” ~ John Whitmore

Christian Life Coaching is the art, skill, and practice of coming along beside a person or group of people, working with them where they are to help assist, encourage, and motivate them to want what God wants for their life, and to help them get to where God wants them to be.  Christian Coaching is about teaching, learning, inspiring, and empowering a child of God to reach their God potential and fulfill their God given purpose through destiny discovery and alignment.  In summary, Christian Coaching help people reach their God given goals and potential by helping them discover their values, purpose, and by encouraging them to align their life with what God wants for them.  A skilled gifted Coach will inspire you to dream the dreams of God and work toward achieving those dreams.

Coaching is not counseling.  Coaching does not seek to resolve any underlying psychological problems. Coaching assumes a person does not require a psycho-social intervention or need therapy to overcome disruptive painful influences from their past.  "Coaches help people build vision and move toward the future.  Coaching is not reactive looking back; it's proactive looking ahead.  It is not about healing; it's about growing.  It focuses less on overcoming weaknesses and more on building skills and strengths.  Usually coaching is less formal than the therapist-patient relationship and more of a partnership between two equals, one of whom has experiences, perspectives, or knowledge that can be useful to the other.  The goal of coaching is not in fixing what is broken, but in discovering new talents and new ways to use old talents that lead to far greater effectiveness.” ~ Gary R. Collins

Coaching Is                                                       Counseling Is                                                                                   

Future Focused Past Focused

Solution Focused Problem Focused

Works toward outcomes Works toward emotions

Does not give advice Gives advice and recommendations

Asks the question “How can we change?” Ask: "Why should we change?

The client has the answers – assist you to find your own solutions and treatment. In counseling the counselor has the answers and gives diagnosis. 

Life Coaching Services Provided

Linda specializes in five fields of  Solution Focused Christian Life Coaching:  Christ Centered Spiritual Formation, Leadership, Life, Hope, and Prophetic Coaching.  Through the help of the Holy Spirit, Linda positions herself with her clients as a Solution Focus Christian Life Coach, partner, confidant, and or equal.  She assist and help her clients achieve their goals by offering Biblical wisdom (insight from the Word of God), prayer, encouragement, Christian resources, and the use of Life Coaching tools based upon their needs.

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