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God Bless Me With God Esteem

Please read and meditate on Psalm 139. You are deeply loved by God. His thoughts of you are greater than the number of grains of sand. Before you were conceived, before God knit you together in your mother’s womb, God loved You. And God still loves you.

Prayer Focus: God Thank You. Thank You For Loving Me. Thank You for loving me Jesus. I Am Loved. God, I ask You in Jesus’ name bless me with God Esteem. Teach me how to see myself the way You see me; loved, valued, fearfully, wonderfully, and marvelously made in Your image. God teach me how to love You the way You want to be loved by me. Teach me how to love myself the way that You love me. God teach me how to want Your best for my life; and let go of and move on from the things that are not.

God bless me to h
ave faith in You, trust You, and trust in Your love for me with all my heart and mind. Bless me with a God solution-focused heart, mind, attitude, and spirit. And let me always think, act, and react with a God solution-focused heart, mind, attitude, and spirit. Amen, so be it by faith, and by faith it is so.

Song—Fully Known and Loved by You:

Encourager Linda Flagg, M.A., B.S., BCPCLC
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