Worship Ministry

Emmanuel Resurrection Holmesburg

Worship Ministry:


Communion, or the Service of the Holy Eucharist, is part of our Sunday Morning Service. We receive the body of Christ, the bread of heaven, and the blood of Christ, the cup of Salvation weekly. Children are able to receive after baptism, or confirmation, or at the parent's request for instruction for children on this matter. Persons with special needs are welcome. If steps are a difficulty, communion will be brought to you, in a very simple manner. Our Alter Guild prepares our vessels and linens for use and we encourage children to be part of this ministry.


Our worship is guided, as members of the Episcopal Church of USA, by our Book of Common Prayer. We have services for special Holy Days, Sundays, Morning, Evening, Nighttime, and personal prayers for the day in this book, along with all of the psalms. We have a bulletin which outlines the service, and inserts for the readings of the day, which all are encourages to take home and study prayerfully. Our Priest is charged with creating a welcoming celebration of song, prayer, praise, readings, and communion.


Our church year readings are set in a Lectionary, which we follow year round. It's a way of reading through most of the Bible in 3 years, and always includes a section from the Old Testament, the New Testament and specifically the Gospels - Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. A member of the church helps people learn to read as a Lector taking turns Sunday by Sunday and provides the readings ahead of time.


Church practices vary from place to place, so our ushers stand ready to help you find books, bulletins, seats, babysitting, Sunday School, and a place to sit.

Lay Eucharistic Ministers

These persons carry communion from our alter to the sick or shut-ins in our church family. There is a specific training for this work, but all you need is a reverence for the Eucharist and a heart for people.

Flower Ministry

We have flowers on the altar weekly, and greens during Lent. It is a ministry of picking up flowers prior to the day of service and making sure they grace our alter.


Any baptized member of the church can act as a counter - counting the money received in our offering plates. This counting is done in a specific way to provide confidentiality for givers, as well as a record of giving that is mailed out quarterly to those using envelopes.