Pastoral Services Ministry


Plan to meet with Fr. Sam 3 times, over a period of several weeks for Pre-Marriage counseling. No wedding will be performed without this time of prayer and reflection. We have a few rules, and limits to our ability to provide music. It is expected that a rehearsal will be planned prior to the wedding day. No weddings may be done in Lent, 40 days prior to Easter, and are infrequently done during Advent, 4 weeks before Christmas Day. Persons who are divorced, seeking marriage, must complete forms to be sent to the Bishop, so at least 8 weeks notice is advised.

Celebration of Marriage

A service close to our Marriage service, honoring civil marriages. Please see above, and plan to meet with our priest 3 times. And if divorced, allow at least 8 weeks notice.


We offer a burial site and a site for cremation. Funerals are usually done with short notice, so please call the office as soon as a need for a funeral is apparent.


Baptism is rightly performed on Holy Saturday, the day before Easter, on the first Sunday of November which is All Saints Day, and Epiphany in January. They are always public occasions in the church or chapel, with 2 sponsors who are baptized Christians. Please plan to meet with the priest at least twice, discussing the purpose and presentation of baptism.

Service of Reconciliation

A rite allowed for in our Book of Common Prayer for persons desiring a private time of confession and absolution from the priest. Please call the office to set a time for this service.