Hello, my name is Emma Karin Eriksson (she/her)

I received a Masters in Library and Information Science with Distinction from Pratt Institute in 2019 and a Bachelors of Fine Art in Writing with Honors from Brooklyn College in 2014.

I am an activist-academic whose personal and professional life is driven by a commitment to social justice. I believe in people over property and profits. In my downtime you can catch me practicing my handwriting, cultivating a scissor arsenal, and compulsively fretting.

Available for:

Presentation Polishing - making your slide deck the most accessible and easily understood by viewers

Speaking engagements and presentations

Zine making workshops - including train-the-trainer

Facilitating meetings, consultations, and providing support to organizations trying to get organized

Recent Presentations:

Fumbling Towards Radical Information Liberation with Prison Library Support Network Urban Librarians Conference 2021

Breaking bureaucracy and the status quo: A conversation about the the systems that shape library culture versus radical change Critical Pedagogy Symposium 2021

Upcoming Presentations:

"Uh, oh. People.": Building Your Empathy Muscles" Urban Librarians Conference 2022

"Uh, oh. People.": Building Your Empathy Muscles" - Keynote Maryland State Library Resource Center's Statewide Circulation Conference 2022

Trained and certified in Mental Health First Aid, Bystander Intervention, Conflict De-escalation and Resolution

To get in contact please email: eemmaa.karin@gmail.com

or DM me on Instagram @PrettyDirtyPress