Spun Hair Extensions

Hi! I'm Emily. I make and wear alternative hair extensions. Mostly these days I card, spin, felt, and wear yarn hair, in the past I have dabbled in many different kinds of extensions though. I've been doing this since 2001, with my biggest selling years between 2002-2010. I've created wigs and synthetic dreadlocks and woolies and hair falls and even fleece extensions! While I do not take custom orders anymore, I still do create one of a kind sets of extensions for sale on my Etsy--they go really fast, so if you like it, buy it! I find great joy in wearing my own extensions and those made by other artists because the change in color with no hair damage is exciting, fun, and spirit lifting. I often celebrate the seasons with hair extensions as well, I have Mardi Gras extensions, Christmas, Winter, Halloween, Easter, Summer, on and on!

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Installed in Hair

How I Create Yarn Hair Extensions

If you prefer watching to reading, you can view my videos here on how I make and install my yarn hair extensions.

Step 1: Purchase factory dyed merino wool roving and any accent fibers that might be needed (such as Angelina sparkle fiber, FireStar nylon fiber, wool nepps, or Sari silk).

Step 2: Using hand carders or a carding machine, blend the fibers and colors as much or as little as desired.

Step 3: Spin using a wheel or drop spindle.

Step 4: Wind around the arm to remove from bobbin.

Step 5: Lightly felt in a pot of boiling water with a touch of soap.

Step 6: Shock the wool under cool water to set the felting.

Step 7: Unravel and cut to desired length.

Step 9: Dry in front of a fan; wool must be dried within 24 hours to prevent mold growth.

Step 10: Braid into hair.

Step 11: Look fabulous!

Frequently Asked Questions


The base is always 100% merino wool roving which is soft to the skin. I also add in sparkle/glitter Angelina fiber for shine, wool nibs for texture, and recycled Sari Silk fiber for pop.


I have written a blog post about how I wear my hair extensions. I also have this video about how to install.


I no longer custom make hair for individual clients, but from time to time I will have sets available on my Etsy page.


Anyone not allergic to wool with hair that is at least 3 inches long can wear these extensions. You can also slip them through the roots of natural dreaded hair for extra volume or to add color.


They can be washed and reused eternally. To wash, simply place all the extensions in a lingerie bag and place in the washing machine. Run the wash on a cold water, gentle cycle with very very little soap. Or, wash by hand in a bucket or the sink with cold water and very very little soap. Air dry in front of a fan; this is important! The wool must be completely dry in 24 hours or it could mold.