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On the first day of my third week working in a library, I knew libraries are where I belong. I enjoyed teaching as an adjunct professor at UNO, a university that is made up of non-traditional students who are often attending college as the first in their families or returning to school at an older age. I later served as a manager to Federal Work Study students, helping them learn how to work at a job as well as balance their school, personal, and work lives.

I began working on my MLIS at Louisiana State University but had to stop due to my work demands at Loyola University Library. I took the torch back up with Florida State University and graduated with my Master of Science in Information with a Graduate Certificate in Youth Servies. I serve the Greater New Orleans area as a librarian with Xavier University of Louisiana, and one day I want to give back to the university community of students by teaching some aspect of Library Sciences later in my career.

This is my LinkedIn profile if you'd like to learn more about my professional work.



First Year Experience Librarian

November 2022 -- Current

Xavier University of Louisiana, New Orleans LA

Learning Commons Manager and Coordinator 

August 2016 – January 2018

Loyola University, New Orleans LA

users with their needed information and supplies


Library Associate I 

February 2015 – August 2016

Jefferson Parish Public Library, Metairie and Marrero LA



Tutor and Adjunct Professor 

August 2007 – May 2011

University of New Orleans, New Orleans LA



Sales Floor Associate 

May 2019 – March 2020

The Bead Shop, New Orleans LA


Special Effects Technician 

March 2014 – January 2015

Dead House Designs, Kenner LA

Graduate School

Master of Science in Information : May 2022
Graduate Certificate in Youth Services
GPA 4.0

Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing : May 2010
Teaching assistantship
100 page thesis
GPA: 3.98

Undergraduate Schooling

Bachelor of Arts : May 2007
Loyola University New Orleans
Creative writing concentration
GPA 3.9

Southeastern Louisiana University and Delgado Community College attended during high school over summer breaks




LIS 7000 Information and Society: Information as a concept, and its uses and meanings in contemporary global society.

LIS 7011 Information Needs and Information Seeking: User-centered approaches to meeting information needs of individuals and communities; community analysis, user studies and user-centered design of services and resources. Closing the New Digital Divide paper written for this course.

LIS 7912 Science Fiction and Fantasy in Libraries: Examining current and past science fiction and fantasy novels for use in the library setting, including childrens, teens, and adult literature. Teen Writing Program paper written for this course.

LIS 5485 Introduction to Information Technology: This course introduces students to Information Technology (IT) on a theoretical and practical level. The course reviews the underlying concepts of IT as embodied in operating systems, hardware, application software, website creation and networks. When the Mayo Spills Over: A Piggybacking Story paper written for this course. Evaluating my computer's performance.

LIS 5565 Information Needs of Young Adults: An overview of the characteristics and the information needs of young adults and the resources and strategies that may assist adults and youth in meeting these needs. Developmental stages of young adults are taken into consideration in understanding their information needs. Book Talk video for this course. Comparing and contrasting The Handmaid's Tale novel and graphic novel. Also, a final poetry anthology.

LIS 5408 Management of Information Organizations: This is an introductory course in management of information organizations within a variety of organizational contexts. It is designed to develop a conceptual framework for integrating fundamental management concepts, principles, policies, theories, and practices into an effective personal management process that relates to information organizations of the 21st century.

LIS 5524 Instructional Role of the Information Professional: This course focuses on three concepts: merging instruction theory with practice; learning how to create an instruction program; and learning how to become a successful instructor in information settings. Lesson Plan written for this course. My Personal Learning Network presentation.

LIS 5271 Research in Information Studies: This is an introductory course in applied research methods in the social sciences with a particular emphasis on information studies. It will provide an overview of the basic issues and methods that information professionals should consider when collecting, analyzing, and evaluating data regarding information programs and services.

LIS 5602 Marketing: The purpose of this course is to provide the motivated audience of students with the concepts, techniques and illustrative examples needed to develop first-rate marketing skills. These skills will facilitate strategic planning that is cost effective and customer-centered in its approach. The final project for this class was analyzing a chosen organization's marketing strategy.

LIS 5603 Introduction to Information Services:  Introduces reference/information work using print and online sources; the course also explores current trends, professional topics, and issues relevant to information-providing agencies in traditional and online environments.

LIS 5703 Information Organization: Establishes conceptual and practical frameworks for organizing and retrieving information, including the study of systems, their objectives and structures, formats, standards, and vocabularies; and the information object and its relationship to organizing systems and to other information objects. For this class, I wrote both a Metadata Application Profile and Folksonomy Analyzation.

LIS 5411 Introduction to Information Policy: This course examines selected fundamental policy questions regarding information and communications, with special attention to intricate policy issues such as information ownership rights, privacy rights, and public access to information.

LIS 5564 Information Needs of Children: A study of the materials (books, magazines, video & film formats, audio, television, computer software, CD-ROMS, Internet resources, etc.) created for children, ages birth to twelve, with an emphasis on the process of evaluation in order to meet their educational, cultural, and recreational needs. Midsemester, I analyzed a picture book for any bias. I chose to create an Annotated Bibliography of STEM books for young children. For the final project, I wrote a script and designed a presentation about how to teach parents about their young children and reading. 


Professional reading

The Portable MLIS  -- Part of our lives : a people's history of the American public library -- I Work at a Public Library: a collection of crazy stories from the stacks -- Library and Information Centers Management -- Library: an unquiet history -- This Book is Overdue!: how librarians and cybrarians can save us all -- Are Libraries Obsolete?: an argument for relevance in the digital age -- Urban Teens in the Library: Research and Practice

For pleasure

The Day I Ate Whatever I Wanted: and other small acts of liberation -- Of Two Minds: the growing disorder in American psychiatry  -- The Devil You Know -- The Bees -- Now, Discover Your Strengths -- Ash -- The Giver -- Seven Brief Lessons on Physics -- Fahrenheit 451 -- Caffeinated -- Tales from Both Sides of the Brain: a life in neuroscience -- The Boundaries of Humanity: humans, animals, machines -- Cut and Run series -- Shock and Awe series -- Me (Moth) -- The Midnight Library