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The Measure Data Project

The Measure site / Hearst

This project began as a need to visualize Connecticut issues using public data.

Working with a columnist, who is a subject matter expert in business and data, we thought about the variety of ways data with a short text entry should be displayed on a homepage and then on an individual story page.

The name of the site needed to have visual impact as well as recognizable meaning to the audience. The name “The Measure” summed it all up and it looked great.

The presentation to the Hearst headquarters team was well received. The visuals for the concept website insured that beyond the viability of the idea, the content was certain to uphold the quality of the reporting.

Graph styles

Built in 'InDesign' Sized for legibility as a JPG for print and online publication.

Editing data sets

'Norwalk transport'

Working in 'Excel' — pulling out essential information to use in presentation.

Data Procesing

'Beach Report'

Built in 'CCI/Newsgate | Original data gathered & prepped in Google Sheets'