We LOVE newcomers in Hawkwood!

Welcome to the Society for Creative Anachronism, also known as the SCA! (For more information, please go to You will be attending an event in the Barony of Hawkwood ( , part of the Kingdom of Atlantia ( Our events are completely interactive. There is no audience, no actors, and no script. Each person is playing a persona they have chosen. You are part of the experience. Here are a few tips to make your day as enjoyable as possible:

Garb Lending Library

All attendees are asked to make an attempt at wearing clothing that might have been feasible during the era of 600 to 1600. Most of us favor European fashions, but some members dress in Mongolian, Turkish, Japanese, Russian, etc. An easy way to dress "period" is to wear a long shirt with a belt over top and a pair of dark pants (preferably not blue jeans) or a long skirt. Honestly, that would get you by for your first event. If you want to have a little more fun with it, look for examples online.

To help you enjoy your event we will have a wide variety of sizes and styles of garb (another word for period attire) available for newcomers to borrow and wear during the event. The library will be located in a tent near the camping area and will open at 5pm on Friday, and close Saturday around 3:30. We ask that you sign out the items you borrow and return them no later than Sunday morning. We will wash the garb after the event. If you are bringing someone who is new to the SCA, we suggest you help your newcomers pick out garb as the library may not be manned during the entire event.

Other Suggestions:

Bring a mug, cup or goblet to drink from, something that doesn't have modern logos or text on it would be preferred. It feels more authentic drinking from a non-modern vessel. Igloo coolers of water and gatorade will be available near the fighting field.

Bring some lunch. There usually are not food vendors at our events, so plan to pack a basket or small cooler for your lunch.

Bring chairs or a blanket. There are a lot of cool things to do and watch. You will want something to sit on. Sunscreen is highly recommended. Day shades and parasols are also great ways to stay out of the sun.

Sign up for feast! It is a wonderful experience and a great way to get to know some new people. You will need to provide your own plates and utensils. WARNING: Feast usually sells out quick, so pre-registration is recommended.

Newcomers' Baldrics and Belt Favors

To gently indicate that you are new to the SCA, we offer a solid blue baldric or belt favor to wear during the event. These will be available at the check-in table ("Troll"). This serves as an signal to others that you may not be aware of certain customs or courtesies and they should make you feel welcome. That being said, feel free to ask LOTS of questions! There is a lot to learn about our society and the Known World and most SCA-dians will enthusiastically share their knowledge and experiences with you.