Martial Activities

*All scenarios are subject to change.


Lord August Fluegel (Jason “Von” Fluegel), email:


Lady Qualan Changhan (Candace Smith)

Armored Combat

Lord Roland Wodeman (Rodney Woods), email:

    • Two man team double elimination tourney: The winning team then becomes captains for two armies that will then fight each other.
    • Teamwork tourney: A Rapier fighter and a heavy fighter form a team and fight another team on a split field. Whoever wins their fight first can approach the line/barrier and pick up a throwing spear (pool noodle) and attempt to help his teammate by chucking the spear at his opponent.

Rapier Fighting

Lord Maximilian Brudder

    • There has been talk of melee scenarios to prepare for War of the Wings in October, but it will require that enough fighters participate to make it a good fight.
    • Bedford point tourney

(more information at:

    • 2 on 2, or 3 on 3 tourney


Sir Alain de la Rochelle (Allen G. Blanchette)

    • see Equestrian page for the complete schedule


Baron Geoffrey Athos Von Ulm (James Fletcher)

    • Archery scenarios to be announced soon.
    • There will be a break in the target archery to enjoy the mounted archery activities.

Thrown Weapons

Lord Robert Leftehand of Weymouth (Robert Putnam)

    • Friday night @ 8:30 - Thrown Weapons Social (night throw tourney, campfire and bardic)
    • Scenarios for thrown weapons to be announced soon.