Arts and Sciences

1. Calligraphy and Illumination- Imagine the splendor of the Calligraphy and Illumination during this time period. Your task is to reproduce an extant document which would have been used

during the time period of 1375-1378 in Avignon. Period references would be for the Avignon Papacy.

2. The Splendor of the Glorious Steed.

Imagine viewing the field of battle and observing the splendor of the glorious steeds below.

This competition will be for the Outfitting of the glorious steed in all of it’s heraldic glory.

This will be an on-field competition with ballots submitted by the populace. Ballots will be given to each registrant at TROLL

3. The Bards of Old

This competition will be based on the “ Glory of the Steed” in battle. You may use either

The written word ( Poetry ) or offer us a glorious song for the Glory of the Steed.

4. Armor of the Saints

The battle of the Eight Saints was known for its 14th Century Italian mercenary Company of

Adventure which included thousands of cavalry and infantry with the introduction of the Man-at-Arms, a Squire and a page. Produce your talent on the Man-at-Arms, the Squire and a page.

This will be another on-field competition with ballots given at TROLL.

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